Saga Cutter Not Setting The Origin Correctly

Analysis: When you move the carriage or rollers on a Saga cutter in offline mode there are 2 methods for putting the cutter back online.

1)      Press the online button which returns the carriage to the origin that was set prior to moving the carriage.

2)      Press the enter button which resets the origin to the current carriage location.

Resolution: After a review of a video provided by the customer it was determined that the enter button was not being pressed to reset the carriage position. In this instance, the graphic legend was worn off the keypad and the customer was not clear on which button was the enter button. The enter button is the button on the right side of the keypad for a standard unit or in the center of the arrows for a Precision unit.

Root cause: Worn graphic legend on keypad. Customer trained on which button is the enter button. Optional, replace button panel so graphic is visible.

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