Saga Vinyl Cutter DRV Error

Saga servo cutters have a feedback loop from the servo motors to the motherboard which constantly reads an encoder within the servo motor. This means that the cutter knows the rotation of the servo motor. This also means that the cutter can detect slippage in the system. When a Saga servo vinyl cutter detects that the cutter did not move as intended the display will show a DRV Error.

The most common cause for a DRV error is on the roller motor. Trying to roll heavy vinyl material too fast will likely cause your cutter to give this error. Alternatively, trying to cut really thick materials can also cause the carriage motor to give the same error.

To resolve this error, slow the machine down and roll out the material to be used in the cut in advance so the cutter isn’t trying to pull material off the roll at higher speeds. Also, reduce your cutting force to the absolute minimum needed to cut through the material and not the release liner (always best practice).

If this does not resolve the error and you are getting this error while cutting at slow speeds and minimal cutting force then you may need to replace the motherboard or one of the servo motors.

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