Saga Vinyl Cutter Gives Oversize Error

The oversize error occurs when the Saga cutter senses that you are trying to cut something wider than the maximum width allowable.

Usually this is the result of one of the following two conditions.

Condition 1, in software, you are trying to cut something wider than the allowable width for the cutter.
Condition 2, you are cutting an allowable width for the cutter however, your carriage origin is not set at the far right of the cutter. Setting your carriage origin to the left of the right most farthest position decreases the allowable cutting width the cutter will accept. Newer cutter firmware in the Saga cutters know where the absolute position of the carriage is. If you set your origin in the center of the cutter the allowable cutting width the cutter will accept from the software will be half the maximum allowable that the cutter is capable of.

If you are satisfied that neither of these conditions is the case and you are still receiving an oversize error on your Saga cutter then please contact technical support.

If your cutter has older firmware and you do not get an oversize error then the left side sensor will restrict your carriage from going too far. If the cutter is instructed to go to the left of the left side sensor, the carriage will be restricted and the overtravel distance will push the carriage farther to the right side. This may result in a step in your artwork and a right shift in the carriage position when this occurs.

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