CutterPros Walk-In Customer Policy

Effective 3/1/18 we will no longer support taking orders on store premises or email orders.
We will try to provide a laptop on-site to allow you to place orders in store online should you wish to do so.
We will continue to allow in-store order pickup and payment only.
Please place your orders online on our website at
When you checkout, select the in-store pickup button at the top. This will allow you to check out without any shipping charges and alert us that the order is for in-store pickup.
Accept the terms and conditions.
Under payment method, we strongly prefer that you pay in advance if possible. If not, you may select PayInStore and we will collect your payment when you pickup your order.
When paying by credit card, please make sure the billing address matches the address the bank has on file for your credit card so we get an address match on the card.

After your order has been accepted, it will be placed in Packing status. This means your order has been accepted and it has been sent to the warehouse for packing. You will get an automated email stating that your order is in Packing status.
After your order is complete and has been racked for pickup, your order will change to Ready For Pickup. You will get an automated email notifying you of this. This means your order is ready for pickup and you can pick it up any time we are open.
Our hours for pickup are Mon – Friday 8AM to 4PM. We are also usually available for pickup on Saturday from 11AM to 4PM (call us or chat with us to verify we are available for Saturday pickups).
We receive a significant number of questions regarding how to order on our website and why prices are all $0 for our products. All our prices are associated with the color of the product as sometimes costs vary by color. All materials with multiple colors have a quantity order box at the bottom of the page next to the name of the color and the price for that color. Scroll down below the color pallets to find the color you want in the size you want and place a quantity in the box. Then select the add to cart button at the bottom of the page. This allows you to order multiple rolls of various colors of material quickly. We will be happy to show you how to place orders online. If you need assistance please ask and we will walk you through it.

As a reminder, here is a list of items we carry on-site. All sign vinyl is carried in 24” width roll. We cut down to 12” x 12” squares. Everything in our craft section is carried on site. Other items are shipped-in as ordered or drop shipped.
Paper backed transfer tape
All ThermoFlex Plus Heat Transfer Vinyl colors
All The Magic Touch 123 Flex Heat Transfer Vinyl
Some GlitterFlex Plus colors. See the list here at the bottom of the page:
All Oracal 651 colors
All Oracal 631 colors
Many Griff Decorative Film colors:
All TapeTechnologies 4000 series colors.
Most TapeTechnologies 2000 series cast colors.
All Kapco calendared colors.
All Saga Vinyl Cutters (we are the US distributor for Saga vinyl cutters) and spare parts.
Creation Vinyl Cutters CR630 CR730 CR1200 and CR1300 and spare parts.
Numerous other squeegees and other tools of the trade and software.
Coming Soon: Tape Technologies decorative sign vinyl and expansion of the GlitterFlex Ultra series.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. Unfortunately, we cannot afford the expense of supporting in-store ordering as we are constrained by price competition on a national level for the products we offer.

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