CutterPros Newsletter Volume 2

The big news this month is our participation at the Shanghai show in the Saga booth. Pictures are posted on the Saga blog site.

Saga and Future Corporation (makers of DragonCut) have been working very hard on the newest version of the ARMS system. A next generation ARMS system running DragonCut version 5 can contour cut decals to within ±.12 mm over 5 meters. Current generation ARMS and DragonCut version 4 is fine for 24” cutters and larger cutters at 1 – 2 m in length. It is OK beyond this but not as optimal as version 5 systems are. We retraced the same printed decals about 60 times and the pen had perfect retracing every time. There really is no limit to the length of the decal roll as we use interim registration marks (multi-marks) to find the images every 8” or so. The Saga-DragonCut system can now ARMS cut decals comparable to a Graphtec or Roland which can cost upwards of $7k. If you currently have an ARMS system running version 4 of DragonCut and would like to upgrade to version 5 you will need a new carriage with an upgraded sensor and a new motherboard. Let us know if you would like to upgrade your system. The Saga – DragonCut ARMS system is by far the best automatic contour cutting we have seen. Due to this enhanced performance we will likely see the prices of the Saga systems increase substantially in the near future.

At the show Saga exhibited their latest label cutter system with an automatic weeder along with a Saga color laser label printer. The system will retail for approximately $19k and can print 9 meters of labels per minute on 8.5” label stock. The cutter can process approximately .4 meters per minute so you can add additional label cutters to balance flow and yield if necessary. If you have any interest in this system please contact me for availability.

We did lots of ImageCut decals of dragons and other pictures at the show which generated substantial interest and enthusiasm in DragonCut and Saga. ImageCut can take any photograph and through changing strip width cuts can recreate it in vinyl. The photo can be a multicolor picture of anything and the reproduction is very good and gets better with thinner strip widths. If you are doing flea markets, swap meets, etc. or if you are just a signshop advertising sign work and are not doing ImageCut images you are missing a big opportunity. ImageCut is in DragonCut and in some versions of Vinyl Master. See the show pictures for examples.

Saga also exhibited the new mini cutters however, they are still at the prototype stage and are in development. We expect the mini cutters to be available early Q4 (just in time for the holidays).

Saga CNC is now actively recruiting commission driven independent sales agents and other sign making equipment supply resellers to participate in the sales and promotion of Saga products in the US. If you or someone you know has any interest in promoting and reselling Saga products please contact us. There are no inventory or carrying requirements. Saga is one of the easiest vinyl cutter companies to distribute and resell for. Saga products are sign-shop grade and compare well with Graphtec and Roland. Alternatively, if you provide a referral to Saga for an equipment sale, Saga will grant a commission on the sale.

We have added several more products over the past months. (Total products available through CutterPros are approximately 38,000 now).
One of the more important additions to the site is we have added a financing option for orders of $5k or more. For orders less than $5k, PayPal has a bill me later option which will let you spread costs out over time.
We have added Royal Sovereign LED signs. There are several versions available.
We have significantly expanded the availability of Griff Decorative Films vinyl. Many more colors and types are now available to choose from.
We are currently working on the release of the complete line of Universal Products striping. Usually, pin striping is targeted for cars, boats, campers and the automotive industry. Keep in mind however, that solid stripe is just plain vinyl cut down to a smaller width roll. Usually, vinyl cut below 15” is referred to as solid stripe. If you have a small width cutter however such as a 12” or 8” and would like a continuous roll to feed to it then you can get 12” or 8” solid stripe to run through your hobby cutter. We expect to have the Universal Products striping products released by mid-month.

We would like to encourage our customers to mention us in public forums. To encourage this, we will grant a $5 coupon for mentioning us in a public forum and a $10 coupon if you post a link back to the or web site. Simply call or email us with a link to the information and we will send you a coupon. (limit one coupon per account)

We are trying to put more emphasis on social media connections going forward so please consider clicking on our Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 buttons on our home page at

Here are some links to the items discussed above:

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