First CutterPros Customer Communication

Historically, CutterPros has not sent out very many customer communication emails. We are looking to change this and to attempt to send out informational emails once a month with company updates to stay in touch with our customers.

We have added a lot of products over the past several months. (Total products on CutterPros are approximately 34,000 now) Several products are offered at extremely competitive pricing including 15″ ThermoFlex Plus by Specialty Materials, Griff Decorative Vinyl by Griff, Oracal 651 by Oracal. We have had our 4 year ProCut vinyl for quite some time. Recently, we added a 5 year ProCut calendared vinyl as well which cuts and weeds even better than the 4 year vinyl. Due to customer requests, we have also added Oracal 631 in cut down sizes. As a reminder, ProCut Calendared vinyl and Oracal 651 are good for outdoor use. Oracal 631 has a removable adhesive that is very good for indoor use on walls. Do not use Oracal 631 outside or on cars.

Our trade-in program remains very popular. We will continue to take CR series units as trade ins for Saga units. CR series or Saga series units can be traded in on a cutter of your choice.
For the Saga units, we have also introduced the Saga challenge which allows you to trade in your Saga for a Graphtec unit within the first month if you are unhappy with your Saga unit for any reason. To date, nobody has decided to give up their Saga for a Graphtec…

We introduced DragonCut software in December of 2013. DragonCut is by far the best vinyl cutting software we have seen to date. It includes internal vectorization and ImageCut which can take a JPEG and cut an image of it directly out of vinyl without vectorization. ImageCut images are very popular and profitable at Flea Markets and Swap Meets. DragonCut works on Saga units only. For demonstrations of DragonCut please visit and watch the main video and all the training videos. We expect the DragonCut cutting technology to be ported to Vinyl Master by year end. Until then, DragonCut will have better cutting technology than Vinyl Master.

We have also introduced a trade-up program for CutterPros and Ricoma heat presses. You can trade these presses in for a GeoKnight or a Stahls press. This program is similar to our vinyl cutter trade-up program where CutterPros will pay return shipping on your trade-in press in addition to the credit for the new press.

I would also like to remind everyone that we are available for support after hours and on weekends. Usually from 6PM-9PM M-F and from 10AM-5PM Saturday and Sunday. The best way to contact us is through live chat or through an email to Please contact us if you would like assistance.

I also urge all of you to read all of our posts on our technical blog. Taken together, they answer most questions posed by our customers. Much of the information is relevant to all vinyl cutting, not just Saga and Creation vinyl cutters.

Here are some links to the items discussed above:

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