ProCut Contour And Servo Vinyl Cutter New Customer Setup

When you receive your cutter, open the box from the top being careful not to penetrate the box with a razor blade so as not to scratch the contents inside. The banding straps will need to be cut with a pair of scissors or a cutting tool.

Contained under one of the box flaps on the top there may be documentation. Please save all documentation that comes with your vinyl cutter. Additional documentation may be contained in the box with the cutter or inside a smaller box packaged with the cutter.

Your vinyl cutter package will contain your vinyl cutter along with a small box of supplies such as the blade holder, blades, USB cable, software, etc.

Your stand and if ordered, your basket, will be in a separate box in the bottom of the cutter box, underneath the cutter.

In order to insure you have access to the latest revision of information, we have placed the setup instructions and the manual for your vinyl cutter online. These can be downloaded from the CutterPros Tech Support Page available at the following address. You will need the free Acrobat PDF viewer to view the files. To install the free viewer, go to

The user manual for the cutter (also has stand setup instructions) E1:
Cutter setup instructions E2:

Setup your cutter on the stand, install your basket if you have one.

Plug your cutter into your computer using the USB cable. If you need a longer cable you can purchase one. Any high quality standard USB-Printer cable will work.

Plug in the power cord for the cutter. Turn your cutter on with the power switch at the end of the cutter. The cutter will go through a short setup and the LCD will glow blue.

Your cutter will use default drivers included in Windows. These drivers will self-install. Your cutter is now communicating with your computer.

Your cutter is oriented such that as you look at the front, the blue LCD display is to the right.

Vinyl rolls are placed on the stand rails in the back (alternatively you may place a roll bar through the vinyl roll. Vinyl is then fed from the back to the front of the cutter and as the vinyl cuts, vinyl comes out towards you. In general, vinyl is used from the right side to the left side. Positive X and Y go from right to left and from front to back.

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