Vectorization Of A Photograph For Vinyl Cutting Using InkScape

As many of our clients are aware, vinyl cutting is easy. Most of the time and effort involved in the creation of a custom decal is spent with cleaning up artwork or, if the decal is intricate with small features, with weeding. Below, you can see a sample of a picture that was vectorized in InkScape, cleaned in InkScape and then cut with a ProCut cutter. This artwork was submitted by Randall. He received his cutter and his training session approximately 1 week prior to completing this project. The time from photograph to finished decal was approximately 3 hours with the majority of the time spent in the vectorization and clean-up phase. The results are very good as it is readily apparent that Randall took his time cleaning the artwork. Note that in some cases, you may need to vectorize an image different ways and then use part of the detail from one vectorization and part of the detail from another vectorization. Also note the detail that Randall was able to carry from the picture to the decal. All the important profiles are present in the decal which allows the viewer to capture the essence of the picture that the decal was derived from. The ability to accomplish this usually comes from substantial practice.

Start from this picture:

Interim phase with vectorization needing cleanup:


To the finished product:

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