Transfer Tape Selection For Vinyl Cutter Decals And Cut Vinyl Application

There are many types of transfer tape to choose from. When choosing transfer tape, keep in mind the following points:

  1. Tact – Your transfer tape should have a tact that will easily remove the vinyl from the release liner and then easily remove away from the applied vinyl
  2. Transparency – When you are applying your vinyl to your target surface it is highly advantageous to use a transfer tape that allows you to see through to your decal so you can see what you are doing.
  3. Cost – Although transfer tape is very important for aiding in the proper application of your graphics to the target surface, the transfer tape itself will be discarded and in and of itself it is not the end product.
  4. Ability to absorb release agents – Some transfer tape has the ability to absorb a release agent thereby having the ability to be removed with decals still wet. Other transfer tape that is hydrophobic will not allow release agents to penetrate to the adhesion layer and hence, will need to dry before it can be removed if the decal is applied wet.

ProCut Transfer Tape was chosen with a moderate tact and a paper backing so that it can be wet applied and can be removed with a release agent such as the ClearStar Splash fluid. These properties allow this transfer tape to be used with a wide variety of vinyls and allow it to be removed quickly during wet application by releasing the adhesive with the application fluid. Although it is not transparent, this transfer tape is semi-transparent / opaque which will allow you to partially see through during application. The transfer tape adhesion to the vinyl changes color somewhat when it is rolled with a squeegee which allows you to know if you have good adhesion to the tape and where you still need to apply pressure with your squeegee. The transfer tape is also inexpensive as it is a discardable consumable in the application process. During dry application, the transfer tape can be reused a few times. We use the vinyl release liner to store transfer tape for reuse.

If you are doing smaller, pre-cut decals where wet application will not be a consideration it may be better to choose a completely transparent application tape.

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