How To Install A Cutting Strip For A Creation CR Series Cutter

We have tried many methods for installing Teflon cutting strips in the CR series cutters. The strip is trapezoidal and is retained by 2 legs of the strip sitting underneath flanges in the aluminum deck plates. At the factory, the strips are installed from the end and slid into the channel along the length. In the field, this is not practical as removing the end plate is quite an undertaking.

We have tried heating the strip up in boiling water, poking it in with a screwdriver, cutting off one leg and using tape to retain it and other methods. As it turns out, the most effective method for installing the strip is to tap it in with a hammer. See this brief video for the how-to.

Use this method on CR630 CR631 CR730 CR1200 CR1201 CR1300

How to install a cutting strip for a Creation CR series Cutter


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